Friday, January 25, 2008


Alright guys, I know it has been a while. Blame it on the village and a short semester that is quite intense. However now I need help with my philosophy final. I know, ouch! That means, time to think. Some of us have been getting away for too long with out thinking and so this is it.

Anyway, I am looking for people's perceptions on the following philosophical questions. You can provide your own or second that of a philosopher you agree with, from Socrates to Neitzsche (And please don't hate on Marx!). I would also like to know in general whose philosophy you are most compatible with and why?

Here goes;

1. What is the nature of reality? can it be explained in material terms?

2.Are there Universal Ethical standards?

3.Is there a God?

4.What is the best way to run a just and peaceful society?

Looking forward to any responses.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In search of Knowledge

School of Athens by Raphael

Okay, most of you first time visitors already know me so no need for intros.

However those who don't I welcome you too. I have found it necessary to form a separate blog purely for the purpose of exchanging knowledge on matters mostly academic. This is not the village. This is a villager's attempt at getting educated so in here I will try to bury the villager in me and learn the white man's methods.

As a full time student, I am majoring in, I don't know what ( I actually know) but I am at the stage of fulfilling all my general eds and its in these that I would like to have an exchange of ideas with similar or advanced students.

I am not going to focus on any particular subjects. I will simply put out queries or questions that I find intriguing and hope some of you out there can share what you have from your own learning experiences. Anyone with similar academic queries is free to post them and who knows, some one else's take on the issue may make it easier to understand. Its a pity we cannot do much with math because of the scripting, that is a subject I would have loved to explore more than anything. I expect to exchange lots of ideas in philodophy, French, history, sociology, psychology, Law etc.
I also see it as a place one can toy with the specialties non related to their major. For example I would like to know about the learning processes of Lawyers and if their education literary teaches them how to lie and use language to confuse others. Also, I want to know from those in the medical field if they acquire bad handwritting deliberately to confuse patients.

I would also like to see this site chart the educational progress of myself and others. It would be nice to look at previous posts and see how far one may have come academically.

I choose to form a blog site because forming a real live study group is close to impossible for me right now and yet we all know that one learns alot more by interracting with others. And also I happen to have an almost unquenchable thirst for learning so a blog will be alot of help.

Also I having become addicted to the net, I may just as well do something more constructive there than just hang out in the village and chatter full time.

So please, please feel free to share your academic knowledge, study tips and anything related to academics.